Using a GPT (Get Paid To) Program to Earn Income

There are hundreds of websites out there promising huge cash payouts for clicking on websites, reading emails,completing surveys, testing products, etc. They can earn you some extra spending money or extra income. If you sign up to the right reward sites you can make the most cash and have an extra source of income.

...So you'd like to know how to make money online? Maybe you've tried making money online before and it failed? Well, it can be done, but you do have to proceed with caution. There are a lot of get rich schemes out there but 99% of them are scams. NEVER pay a site that promises you can make money online... no matter how tempting the offer is, there is absolutely no reason they should be charging you. There are however sites that will make you money and cost you nothing. You can work your own hours, when you feel like it.. as often as you feel like it. You are your own master.

One of my favorite sources of online income is through CashCrate. Unlike many other online sites I feel as if you can really trust cash crate. They have never failed to deliver a payment. The site is very easy to navigate and getting started is fast and simple.

How do I sign up for CashCrate?
You can sign up by clicking this link: CashCrate

CashCrate is a free GPT program, in other words you get paid to complete surveys and participate in free offers.

"Companies need consumers to try and review products, services, and websites and are willing to pay money to have them do so. Most of the time you're asked to do this without any compensation, what we do is take the money companies give us for your participation, and give you back up to 75% of it!" - cited from CashCrate website.

CashCrate is a website that pays its users to complete surveys and offers. Joining CashCrate is free and you can take surveys or complete offers and get some cash. For a short survey, you can get about $3; for a free offer(such as register the membership of another website), you can get $5 to $15; for a credit card required offer, you can make $20 to $50 profit (for example, if it cost you $50 to complete an offer, they pay you up to $100).

CashCrate also have a multiple referral system. As a bronze member, you can earn 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make; as a silver member, the first level commission rate is 25%. Thus, developing the downlines is very important for making money on CashCrate.

Is CashCrate a scam?
No, CashCrate is not a scam. Once you join, you have access to their forum, where you can see hundreds of payment proofs from users getting from $200 to $700+ each month! This is completely possible and can be done part-time or Full-time. It is possible to make over $2,000 a month using cash crate.

How to Begin making money:
Once you sign up with CashCrate, you'll see a list of hundreds of offers and surveys to complete. On the top of the list, there's a sort box, and three tabs. You can choose to complete offers to get money (Cash Offers), points (Point Offers) or complete the Daily Survey. If you want to get points, to then exchange them with items in their Prize Shop, click the Point Offers tab, and complete the offers that list below. If you want to make money, I suggest you first complete the Daily Survey every day, which will get you an extra $24 each month (30 x $0.80). I suggest you start with your Cash Offers, which will get you most of your money.

Now you have a list of free offers ready to be completed. You have a link to the offer, an offer's description, it's value, and a Submit button. Start by clicking on the offer's link, and doing what the offer's description says. Once you've done what it's needed to complete the offer, click the submit button, so the system moves the offer to your pending list. A pending list is a list with offers that wait to be verified by CashCrate staff. Once they verify that you completed the survey/offer, they'll credit you with the money. You'll see how much money is in pending
surveys/offers at the top of the page, under "Pending earnings". Some offers take longer to verify than others, it may take from an hour to a week or more, so just complete as much offers as you can, and they'll be eventually verified. By sorting the offers by "Rating", it should list the best offers at the top (meaning the offer is either verified very fast, or pays very good).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CashCrate international?
Yes, CashCrate is international. But, only people from US and Canada get lots of surveys and offers to complete. If you want to join from other countries, you'll have to work on referring people from US and Canada, to get money. As I said, because the earnings from CashCrate are so high, it's not so hard to get good revenue from referrals.

Revenue possibilities and limits?
Your revenue possibilities and limits are endless. The more time you put in it, more money you'll make. For reaching a high payout every month, I suggest you complete the Daily Survey every day, complete as much offers per day as you can, and refer as much people as you can to join the program under you.

Minimum payout?
CashCrate's minimum payout is as low as $10. You can reach the minimum payout within a day, if your offers and surveys get approved fast enough. Even if all you do is complete the Daily Survey every day, you'll get a check for $24 every month.

How many surveys/offers can I complete?
This depends on how much time you have on your hands. There are hundreds of surveys and offers to be completed, and new ones are added all the time.

What methods of payment does CashCrate support?
CashCrate supports only payment by Check, to prevent double accounts and other problems that arise by enabling paypal and other payment methods.

How do I sign up for CashCrate?
You can sign up by clicking this link: CashCrate