How to run a successful adwords campaign

Three Keys To A Successful AdWords Campaign
By: Brian Basch

Throughout the Internet world the "buzz" is all about Adwords. Rumors are flying about how vast amounts of money can be made with 3-4 hours of work a day. This concept appeals to the new entrepreneurs who think they can get rich quickly with a minimum amount of work. This sounds like a castle in the air, but in fact it is not an impossible thing to do. In reality you do not even have to spend a dime of your hard earned money on the latest literature on Google Adwords. You can just go the Adwords site and learn all you want from the excellent tools and tutorials there.

Here are 3 ways to make a successful Adwords campaign:

1. Keywords will be your first concern. In reality this will be critical to Adwords campaign success. In fact without good keywords your campaign cannot be productive. A fine mix of targeted keywords to bring in sales, and broad based ones to draw traffic is required.

Search engines will not give you any sympathy, you will be paying for clicks regardless of how well they may or may not be performing. Bear in mind that an ad based around a popular keyword can bring a lot of traffic but few if any sales. This is fairly common as the vast majority of marketers will just go to the search engine database and dig out popular keywords, and disregard the fact that these keywords are not targeted to their special market.

If you are experiencing some problems with keywords the Adwords site can help you. They have many tools and tutorials to help you . In fact you will have some of the best pay per click resources available when you visit

2. It is important for you to bid high enough to place you in a top position. Given the fact that most searchers are looking for instant gratification, they will rarely look beyond the first 5-10 pages, of their search results, before trying a second keyword.

This is why it is so important for marketers to position their ads within the first 5-10 pages. Of course the search engines will not place ads on a first come basis, rather they will position ads according to how much an advertiser has paid. The highest bid will get the top position. You will need to draw a line between how much your budge will allow and how much you need to pay for a top position. It is no good spending a lot for a top position for your ad and then not being able to pay for it. In order to protect customers from heavy losses search engines allow a price cap to be placed on an ad and when that is surpassed will take the ad out of circulation.

3. Management of your campaign is important. An ad may look good in theory but nobody can predict how it will perform in the open market. It is critical to the success of your campaign that you pay attention to every detail. Be prepared to make fast changes to save your campaign.

So now you know what it takes to make a successful Adwords campaign. what is more all this information is free and you do not have to pay $54.99 for literature that may not even help you.