How to use Adwords Conversion Tracking

When you want to use Google Adwords to promote your products or services you must make sure that you are getting results. The information obtained by tracking your results will allow you to refine you adwords campaign settings and get even better results.

When you sell services and products on your site using adwords campaigns you can know exactly your conversion rates by comparing the total number of visitors coming through the ads to the number of sales you made. This number defines your conversion percentage. When your percentage is low you should tweak your ads, refine your campaigns or even select better keywords to obtain a better rate.

Google has set up a tool in your adwords account that allows you to do some exact conversion tracking for each campaign and each ad. This tool shows you exactly what your rates are and which ads are performing well so you can discard the poor performing ones. Look for patterns that can give you an idea of what might be going wrong in a certain campaign or ad so you can modify the poor performing ads.

Adwords conversions are driven by many factors. It is not sufficient of your ad to get the user to click through to your website, although that is the first step. The ultimate goal is to make a sale or create a valid lead that will bring in a future sale. Whether you goal is to get the visitor to sign up for a newsletter or to purchase a product or service, if that visitor fails to do what you wish, then you have not converted that visitor. How many convert once they see your website is controlled by you. How attractive is your website? Is it truly compelling, making the visitor believe they simply can't live without the product or service your offer? Is the website easy to navigate or is it not very user friendly? Are your sales claims believable or do they seem to be unrealistic? Do you have data to support your claims? These are all factors that are within your power to control.

Don't offer free stuff in your ads if people visiting your site have to pay to get it. Your offer must reflect exactly what people will get when clicking the ad. An ugly site with poor navigation and difficult to use will not help you getting high conversion rates no matter how effective the ads are you created for your campaign.

By: OnlineTutor