Introduction to Passive Income

Passive income is exactly that... Income generated with minimal work involved. This means you can go on vacation whenever you want and your still making money. Now of course there is still an upkeep and maintenance required but the work involved really is minimal.

There are many benefits to having a passive residual income many of which include:
- Making a strong initial effort as you are getting started, then doing a small amount of work from there after which translates into more money and less work.
- Your income is no longer dependent upon a daily work routine. You make money 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
- The freedom of being able to choose when and where you work.
- The ability to increase your pay check whenever you want to by simply increasing revenue streams.
- More time with family and friends.
- This residual income can be a supplemental income for someone who already has a daily job that they are satisfied with.
- The income will continue to grow and make money as time goes on, so this could potentially be part or all of your retirement plan.

There are many types of passive income including Affiliate Programs, Info products (E-Books, Etc..), Software products, Advertising Commissions, Pay per click programs, Referrals, Site memberships, or even becoming a reseller.

There are so many opportunities out there I strongly urge you to look into this subject and find a program that works for you. This is a great way to insure your future, with the amount of people losing their jobs this could the a solid plan to fall back on. - The internets fastest growing blog directory