Promoting your website

Well you've got your website up and running and you like the way it looks. People are leaving comments and you get an occasional email from readers. You even keep your content up to date and interesting.The problem is... your not getting near the visitors you think you could be. You need to step it up and start getting more visitors.

You need to begin finding sites within a similar topic, from within the same niche. You should let webmaster's from similar website's know of your site and ask for a link exchange. There are many webmaster's that would be more than happy to trade links with a website within the same niche, as it helps both of you rank better in Google.

Try to find forums and other online groups that are related to your topic and join them. Many forums allow you to place a link in your signature which will show up below each of your posts. This will help people find and use your website.You could even start your own forum if none exist or if your feeling ambitious. This is of course a slower approach that requires a bit of dedication but it can help build a better relationship with your viewers and that may help you to find visitors that will return time and time again.

You could try posting ads in your local paper putting up fliers around your neighborhood. Send out a press release to local media or online media. Write articles on your topic and post on other sites and blogs and link back to your website as reference.

There are a lot of things you can do for free that can be of huge help when promoting your website. There are also many ways to promote your website if you've got some cash to spend. The key is to try as many different approaches as possible when promoting your site and try not to rely too much on a single resource.