Monetizing Website Traffic

There are countless ways to monetize traffic from your website. Successfully knowing which methods work and which will fail is essential in monetizing your traffic. Whether you learn from trial and error or from past experience it's all about knowing what works and what doesn't.

Many websites can achieve thousands of visitors within a few days but that doesn't mean anything if you can't monetize your traffic. You can have all the visitors in the world but if you don't know how to monetize from the traffic you are not going to be successful and make money. Unless of course you are running your website without any goals of making some cash, in that case your reading the wrong article!

The most common way of monetizing traffic is to sell ad placement. People browsing your website will click on the relevant ads and when they do you get a set amount of money per visitor click. This doesn't sound like much, but when you receive 5,000 unique visitors per day and 1/3 of those visitors decide to click an ad the money will add up pretty quickly.

No website traffic means no money, it is as simple as that. Set goals for yourself and the website and give yourself a set amount of time to meet these goals, try not to let yourself get distracted. Try and remember that your website is new you will most likely not receive many visitors. You have to build up a good reputation and a good amount of content. Before you know it people will find your website and they will tell others. Keep adding new content and you'll get returning visitors. Other website's will begin linking back to you as a resource and your Google ranking will increase and as that happens your organic traffic from Google will increase giving you that many more visitors.

Before you know it you will have a pretty popular website, add a few affiliate advertisements on your website to gain some extra cash and you will have yourself a decent income. If your website manages to make it big and you have a large amount of people visiting your website every day then you could charge a small fee for monthly memberships. You could even set up a special "Members" section that would contain information non-member viewers couldn't access.

Experimentation is key here, what works on one website may not necessarily work on the next and the people that have made it big won't usually tell you the real secrets of how they did it.